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Mirror Hommage à Vasarely is designed by Belgian artist Olivier de Schrijver. Inspired by the work of Vasarely, Olivier created a series of Vasarely mirrors. This mirror is composed of many diamond-shaped antique glasses. To create a unique volume of the mirror, each diamond-shaped glass is placed next to the other at an angle. Each piece of the mirror reflects a part of the surrounding environment, together they form an interesting reflection of the fragmented surrounding. This mirror has two sets of hanging wires in the back and can be hanged horizontally and vertically. The back of the mirror is covered by black velvet. It is a limited edition, numbered and signed by the artist in the back. 


Olivier de Schrijver is a Belgian Postwar & Contemporary artist who was born in 1958. Oliver dedicates his creation to the present pleasures of everyday life in a colorful environment. Every piece of Olivier’s work is hand-crafted with love.

Mirror Hommage à Vasarely

    • Dimension: 143cm x 93cm
    • Wood and antique mirror
    • Numbered and signed by the artist


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